WikiLeaks Investigation Part 1: Pictures of Hibernating Seahorses, What does this mean?

Government May Soon Need to Saddle Up and Deal with Seahorse Issue

A WikiLeaks Exclusive Investigation By Philbert Sullivan

Many things about the CIA have been disclosed in the WikiLeaks dump of vault 9, but Such Politics has dug deep into the documents and found that there is a vanishing population of seahorses.

That is right, seahorses. I know what you are thinking, “the last time I went snorkeling in Jamaica there were thousands of seahorses everywhere”. Yes, however, these horses, which are supposedly of the “sea,” are not the ones to whom I speak of.  I am talking about those horses that are of the land next to the sea.  Who prance magically, kicking up sand with each elegant gallop onto which their hooves pound the beach. They used to majestically roam around un-interrupted all over the world, but now are lucky to be found on a simple seahorse ranch in the Carolinas.

Despite their disappearance from modern society, new pictures have recently begun to surface giving some supporting evidence about the reason for these missing seahorses. I warn you that what you are about to see below may come across as shocking, and is not meant for horseplay. These pictures were given to Such Politics by WikiLeaks. Just as the famed whistleblower site has given secret documents away before, they have given us these groundbreaking photos of seahorses in a what seems to be a state of prolonged hibernation.

Hibernation is not uncommon in mammals. However, what is distributing is how long these creatures have been in hibernation, and why the government has been trying to hide this from us for so long. Could this be another dirty trick by the Obama administration to hide the causalities of global warming from the American public?

To quote WikiLeaks’s message attached with the secret government documents found with the photos below; “The seahorses seem to be in a perpetual state of hibernation due to warmer levels of air coming in off the Atlantic Ocean. Radiation levels have spiked a few miles offshore on the East Coast in recent years, but little is known what could be causing it. Any attempt to learn has been blocked by the coast guard.”

Here at such politics we will have many more groundbreaking articles and photos that were provided to us by WikiLeaks, and we will continue to post them in the coming months. I will also continue to look into the facts and drill our governmental officials about the seahorses’ prolonged state of hibernation to learn more about how to potentially save the beloved species, and what the government is hiding off the East Coast.


Below are photos of the hibernating seahorses (caution not for the squeamish):