Outrage Grows After North Ikea Launches 500 Billy Bob Bookshelves into Gowanus Canal

Battling Ikeas Create Even More Tension For New Homeowners

By Philbert Sullivan

Among deepening tensions between the two competing Ikeas in New York City, outrage has grown after what has become referred to as North Ikea, launched 500 Billy Bob Bookshelves into the Gowanus Canal.

For some backstory, North Ikea opened in 1999 in Manhattan shortly after the original Ikea opened in New York City in Brooklyn in the summer of 1998. Tensions escalated quickly among the two rival Ikeas as competition heated up after the great recession. Prices of hot dogs and soft drinks were consistently dropping for months, to the point where South Ikea was actually giving away buns when customers walked into the store.

While both home to Ikea products North and South Ikea have become known for their individual distinctiveness. North Ikea is known for its inhumane treatment of workers, often making employees work 90 hours per week. Shortly after the great recession, North Ikea closed most of its doors and would not let employees transfer to South Ikea, even cutting most of its electricity off (Pictured above).

However, while South Ikea thrived in Brooklyn, the North grew more anxious and started accusing the south of many incredulous claims. These claims ranged from accusations that the South Brooklyn Ikea wanted to infect the North with its gentrification hipster culture to overthrowing North Ikeas regional manager Kimberly Jon, or how most of us in the media refer to her - Kim Jon.

Kim Jon has been known to have an aggressive temper, and Ikea employees across the globe often avoid her. While Ikea’s corporate headquarters has issued memos to Kim Jon that her store does not align with their corporate culture, she simply ignores them and continues to do what she wants. As a result, Ikea has decided to put her on watch until her sales begin to drop- which has somehow not happened yet despite the Ikea’s ill reputation.

Tensions have escalated up and down between North and South Ikea since 2008. However, the most recent provocation of North Ikea firing 500 Billy Bob Bookcases into the Gowanus canal, which borders Brooklyn has led to condemnation from a whole host of other furniture carrying outlets including Target, Wal-Mart and even the Home Depot. While the intimidation tactic has been noted, there has yet to be any known retaliation by the other furniture carriers just yet. Hopefully things will calm down, but we will see what happens.