Polls Show Marine Le Pen Should Have Campaigned More in Wisconsin During French Elections

With Time Running Out, All That is Left to do is Hope

By Philbert Sullivan

As polls come in from the highly-contested French Election in 2017 one thing remains clear; Marine Le Pen should have campaigned more in Wisconsin.

If there was ever a more neglected region in the world in the political firestorm it would be in the Bermuda Triangle. America’s dairy land seems to be an unsucked nipple in recent elections across the globe, and political analysts are saying that Packer’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers seems to be the one responsible.

“People just don’t want to campaign in an area where an all-star quarterback is struggling these days,” political analyst Jeremy Hundz said. “It might be a bit different if he had a ring or two and didn’t perform, but at this point it’s just sad and no one wants to address it.”  

Such Politics talked to over 2000 registered voters in Wisconsin between April 4th and April 20th. Among those 2000 only 4% have ever heard of Marine Le Pen and only 10% were even aware that there was an election in France today.

Le Pen has been campaign very intensely over the last month, but like American Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton she has failed to hold a single rally in the crucial swing state of Wisconsin, thus dooming her campaign. We will soon learn whether or not this blatant neglect of this cheesy region will be a crucial mistake for the candidate.