After PBS Funding Cut, Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood Film Sex Tape to Raise Funds

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

Pledge Drive, More Like Sex Drive!

After more than six seasons on PBS, the famed Great British Baking Show is in danger of production after Trump cut PBS’s funding. While NPR and PBS usually host pledge drives on TV and the Radio, this year, because the funding cuts were so extreme, PBS decided to take it one step further. After a massive online petition, the shows two famed judges have come to the rescue. After scrapping the idea of doing a bake sale to raise the funds (because what is this high school in 2011!) the two have decided to do a sex tape after more than 189 Million British Pounds were pledged on a GoFundMe page.

Details of the proposed sex tape are scant, but their are going to be 3 acts set up in the same way as the show itself: The signature opening scene, technal middle scene and finally the showstopper. And of course the shows two famed hosts will be narrating, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. Also, in keeping in fashion with the show, the sex scene will be shot in a big white tent.

What has been hotly debated is what to call the sex tape. Some rumors have leaked saying it was going to be entitled, The Great British Sex Show, but online fans were up in arms or the lack of creativity so users have submitted their own. Highlights are below.

  • The Great British Fuck Show
  • Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry Bake it ALL Off
  • Eclairs, More Like SexClairs
  • Cream My Puffs

While of course this is not actually happening, we must fight and resist the Trump Budget cuts. So please, share this article and share this petition because while we don't expect Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood to do a sex tape we do need to draw attention to the dangerous cuts to PBS, NPR and the rest of the arts funding that Trump has pledged to slash, Thank You.