John Kerry’s Chin at Larger Tipping Point Than Global Warming

Secretary of State John Kerry Has Issued Warnings That the Earth is at a Tipping Point, but Some Have Worried that Kerry’s Chin is at a Tipping Point

By Philbert Sullivan

While Kerry gave a heartfelt speech begging nations to answer calls to act on climate change, even equating it with dangers such as terrorism, The Secretary of State still gave no mention to the deafening protests and chants that came from outside. Sanctioned over 200 feet away, over 1000 protested not only the world’s unmoving action on climate change but also why John Kerry’s chin remains so big.

Kerry even mentioned that tiny islands may disappear because of rising oceans but not that these same oceans could make his chin disappear. He also angered snow and chinmen alike as he did not mention the stringent fear of the snow men and women who were literally melting, granted very slowly, outside as the secretary spoke. Not only will islands disappear but these snow people (or snoeple as they call themselves) are going to disappear even quicker. Many of the Snowmen felt it was very unnerving that while their chins have disappeared John Kerry’s continues to grow.

Paris will host the 2015 UN climate change conference at which a new pact to cut global emissions applicable to all countries is due to be hammered out along with applicable chin sizes. After long talks the snow people have convinced international delegates that they to have a seat at the table, and Fro Sty will be representing the side of all snow people throughout the world at the 2015 talks. Hopefully such talks will lead to further progress not only on climate change, but for the rights of all of those who want basic chin sizes throughout the world.

Mr. Fro Sty

Mr. Fro Sty