Obama's House of Cards

A letter from Doge’s Chief Editor

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Obama’s much intentions behind the executive order to make broadband construction faster and cheaper are such not what they seem to be. Wow republicans much blast Obama over his misuse of power of executive order. Obama’s real intentions were much that everyone in the nation must watch House of Cards on Netflix. Such evidence, much the timing of this tweet (exclusively gained by all twitter followers) and wow implementation of his executive order that expands broadband to every home in the United States. Such Coincidence? Much No!

All of this, plus fact that there have been much complaints over Netflix’s slow streaming quality. So obviously too many connections here to deny such wow truth. Much truth is that Frank Underwood has infiltrated himself into Obama’s White House. Through much back channel, he has wrangled and convinced the administration to much improve broadband so every American household can gain wow access to House of Cards Season 2. This would much cement Mr. Underwood as the most famous political character in all of media history, much surpassing Josiah Bartlett from Wow West Wing, Wow. Therefore, all much please join Such Politics and all doges in calling for wow boycott of watching House of Cards season 2 on March 22 - The day we take back Obama from the much grips of Frank Underwood.  In order to help spread the news so no one watches on March 22 please tweet #HoCWowBoycott

Much Wow –

Top Doge